We used to maintain a proper gigography, until the site died on its arse some time around 2005. I'm just now rescuing all this stuff from a database dump I took at the time - we've played many gigs since then, & we'll try to piece together what was what...

21) JCR at University of Cumbria, sometime in 2006/7CE

More sketchiness. We don't seem to have any records from this time, but we know we played a couple of times up in the JCR at the University of Cumbria (which used to be S Martin's College, my Alma Mater). I can quite vividly remember one female audience member reclining on a sofa, which was being carried around by a couple of likely-looking lads; she requested that we play Naked again, 'cos she liked it so much, first time I've ever done the same song twice in one gig, that I can remember.

20) JCR at University of Cumbria, sometime in 2006CE

Okay, this is where it gets sketchy - we don't seem to have any records from this time, but we know we played a couple of times up in the JCR at the University of Cumbria (which used to be S Martin's College, my Alma Mater). This would be the gig shortly after I'd shaved my head... but we have no further details, or even a more precise date. If we manage to piece things together, we'll update this.

19) Anti-G8 Protest/Benefit at Yorkshire House, Lancaster, 26th august 2005CE

A solo MK, armed with only an acoustic guitar, does his best not to be intimidated by what is otherwise an electric/punk/loudasfuck gig. & succeeds. First performances of Carcinodelica & Mingin' Bling are warmly received

MK wrote:

18) Feedback Night at Farmers' Arms, Lancaster, 24th june 2005CE

Another acoustic set, this time among three non-acoustic bands, sees MK hold their own, & gives them a chance to test-fly two new songs, "Silicon Gypsy" & "By The Book". Hot, sweaty fun.

MK wrote:

16) Supporting MobCURIOUS at the Yorkshire House, Lancaster, 27th february 2005CE

A low key, relaxed acoustic set with a bigger audience than expected, who witness the performance of several songs hitherto deemed too "difficult" to be performed live, including the two part epic gothic ghost story "The Ballad of Sanity Rothschild".

Dan Rathbone wrote:

It's a couple of days later and recollection already begins to fuzz over, so here's my dimly snatched observances on the evening.

15) Yorkshire House, Lancaster, 5th december 2004CE

Gruelling 23-song slog, divided into two sets, one acoustic & one electric. Audience sparse but friendly & appreciative, performance good, in spite of the fact that the band are knackered towards the end. 4 CDs & 1 T-shirt sold!

MK wrote:

14) Unsigned Musicians Soc, Pendle Bar, Lancaster University, 27th november 2004CE

A night of chaos; but Mirrorkill remain firmly in the eye of the hurricane. A migraine stops Dianah from playing out, but Dan & MK struggle on in front of a good natured & attentive audience, giving a stomping performance of their by-now well honed set. Band are paid entirely in beer.

MK wrote:

13) Graduate Bar, Lancaster University, 11th november 2004CE

First full-on gig in 8 months is a good 'un. Graduate Bar is packed out with the most ethnically diverse audience Mirrorkill have ever played to, an appreciative bunch they are too. A few minor problems with the sound fail to mar a confident & energetic performance. Mirrorkill get paid; & there is much rejoicing.

Dan Rathbone wrote:

12) Unsigned Musicians Soc Open Mike Night, The Lounge, Lancaster, 8th november 2004CE

An acoustic free-for-all featuring Dianah's first public performance with a drum. Mirrorkill only play two numbers, Skeleton Times & Naked, to interested applause, in spite of Naked being played entirely too slow.

MK Wrote:

11) Unsigned Musicians Soc, Pendle Bar, Lancaster University 21st february 2004

Warmly received professional-yet-relaxed gig, also videod for posterity. Attentive & appreciative (if occasionally bewildered) audience buy CDs and ask for more.

MK Wrote:

10) Yorkshire House, Lancaster 8th november 2003

All our plans for a spectacular light show (with lasers & everything!) go out the window, as does the film crew who promised to film it, though MK buys a video camera two hours before the gig & does his best. Band perform well in front of a good natured, if rather boisterous audience. (Video of "Candy Portents" here?)

MK wrote:

9) DogFest, King's Arms, Morecambe 27th september 2003

Exciting Dog Synchronicities (gig during the Dog Days, arranged by DogOnAString, called DogFest, just as we get our Year Of The Dog CD together) completely fail to pan out in a painful gig. Appalling sound, performance as good as could be expected. Applause tinged with pity. They get paid though.

MK wrote:

8) Midian Inaugural Night, Duke Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness, 21st june 2003

Exactly one year since Dan's first appearance - and on MK's bloody birthday yet again - they are asked to headline a night of five bands by Tony Silver in Barrow. Everything runs late, local tensions threaten to errupt, and no fscking monitors on the PA. By the time they get on, though, at least the rough buggers have left the building. Character-building.

MK Wrote:

7) Supporting Monkey Island at Yorkshire House in Lancaster, 30th may 2003

Three days' notice from above-mentioned happy landlord to support a pretty shit-hot London punk band. Which they pull off blindingly. Good CD sales.

Dan Rathbone wrote:

Gig Report

Supporting folk is a new thing for Mirrorkill, we're humble, it's not like we don't want to it's just that we've rarely been asked. If the Monkey Island gig was anything to go by then I'm looking forward to more support slots!

6) Yorkshire House in Lancaster, 25th april 2003

Stunning gig. Acquisition of spangly lights & smoke machine from Dan's mate Paul sets the atmosphere. Dianah's first gig singing backing vocals. Capacity crowd, much applause, happy landlord.

MK Wrote:

5) Dianah's birthday at the Farmers' Arms in Lancaster, 13th december 2002CE

Rapturous response and wild dancing from about half of the crowd, utter indifference from the rest. Mainly notable for MK having far too much to drink and completely fucking up _Storysong_. And possibly a few others too.

4) The Corner Club in Preston, 16th august 2002

Great set and great audience in the strangest venue ever. Audience and band separated by a wall, admittedly with windows in. Floor and half of the walls covered with sheet metal. What? Good gig though, & some CD sales.

Dan Rathbone wrote:

"UnEasy Listening Corners Crowd - Friday 16th August MK plays The Corner Club Preston',

3) Supporting Bilge Pump at the Farmers' Arms in Lancaster, 23rd july 2002CE

Getting into their stride now - MK get best reception as they have songs. With, like, words. Bilge Pump don't say a word to them (good job they're mates with the soundman). Other support is a guy who looks like Jim Carrey on some really baaaad acid, screaming incoherently over an avant-garde industrial racket provided by his laptop. He doesn't go down that well, but MK thinks he is brilliant :-)