We used to maintain a proper gigography, until the site died on its arse some time around 2005. I'm just now rescuing all this stuff from a database dump I took at the time - we've played many gigs since then, & we'll try to piece together what was what...

2) JCR at S Martin's College in Lancaster, 21st june 2002CE

Relatively low-key event for MK's birthday at a pretty inaccessible venue. Dan's first appearance on bass, and the banner's first appearance courtesy of Di O'Gnosis.

1) Solo at the Farmers' Arms in Lancaster, February 2002CE

The first proof-of-concept, a big sweaty bunch of bands upstairs at the Farmers' Arms plus MK only armed with an acoustic guitar and an FX pedal. A few people are nonplussed ("You're not a band!") but reactions are generally good. It is as a result of this gig that Dan offers his services as bass player.