37) The Three Mariners, Lancaster, 10th october 2015ce

A year after being forced to blow out the festival, owing to an 'orrible injury. A year of discomfort & physiotherapy. A year of taking stock, rethinking, & buying new bits. A year of programming a drum machine in lunch breaks at work.

Upcoming Gig - Lancaster Music Festival 2015CE

Okay, we're getting back in the saddle... after blowing out last year's Music Festival & spending a year variously healing, rethinking & regrouping, we will be appearing once more at The Three Mariners in Lancaster on Saturday 10th October at 4.30pm. Hope to see you there.

memento mori

MKCD015 2014CE

I started writing this album in 2012. It's often the way that I know the current album's nearly finished, when I start writing the next one - & this was no different. All the song titles (apart from Out From Under & Memento Vitae) I already had, & most of the songs were at least half written. A lot of what I had written was sounding quite downbeat, one way & another, songs about tiredness & despair, about feeling defeated, about turning away from a world that was just getting madder.

Testing POSSE Syndication - apologies for the annoyance...

This is what happens when I'm off work with a bust arm for 6 weeks, apparently. Visit indiewebcamp.com for more of what I'm on about.

Own your domain!

Broken - MK to blow out gigs for the foreseeable

Turns out I was wrong, I have a fractured elbow & need an op to sort it. Arse.

Breaking - MK to blow out gig...

Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to play the Golden Lion gig on the 21st august, as I took a tumble off my bike the other night. Nothing broken but my right arm is one big bruise. I think I'm correct in saying that this is the first time in twenty-mumble years that I've ever cancelled a gig.

FAO Nick - Mirrorkill - Tony, Bucking Flair (Live, Yorkshire House Lancaster)

For the benefit of Nick Margerrison, to whom we would have dedicated this song had he been there, this is a recording of Tony, Bucking Flair (that's a link to the original).

further upcoming gigs - first is 9th of august, 2014CE at the yorkshire house, lancaster

I am a very bad webmaster/bandleader/General Grand Poobah, & still have yet to write up anything about our last gig from back in june - my only excuses are a) work, & b) new album, for which everything is recorded except backing vocals (& then, of course, will come the long dark mixing session of the soul)...


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