38) Collegian Working Men's Club, Lancaster, 27th November 2015ce

Our friends Quisling Meet, with whom we have played before, have apparently had their eye on Gage Street's Collegian Working Men's Club as a venue for a while; a large function room, free to hire (deposit required) with a cheap bar, what more could a band want? They suggested that we try the space on for size. So we both did.

another gig? are you sure? Lancaster CWMC, 27th November 2015ce

Hot on the heels of the Lancaster Music Festival, we're stretching our gigging muscles again, along with Lancaster's favourite Avant Garde Noiseniks Quisling Meet. For Mirrorkill, this will mark the first appearance of Waldorf, a new outboard synth.

The venue is Lancaster's Collegiate Working Men's Club, on Gage Street (opposite where the Fat Scot used to be, if that helps). It's on a friday night. It's free.

Be there or be a tesseract.

37) The Three Mariners, Lancaster, 10th october 2015ce

A year after being forced to blow out the festival, owing to an 'orrible injury. A year of discomfort & physiotherapy. A year of taking stock, rethinking, & buying new bits. A year of programming a drum machine in lunch breaks at work.

Upcoming Gig - Lancaster Music Festival 2015CE

Okay, we're getting back in the saddle... after blowing out last year's Music Festival & spending a year variously healing, rethinking & regrouping, we will be appearing once more at The Three Mariners in Lancaster on Saturday 10th October at 4.30pm. Hope to see you there.

memento mori

MKCD015 2014CE

I started writing this album in 2012. It's often the way that I know the current album's nearly finished, when I start writing the next one - & this was no different. All the song titles (apart from Out From Under & Memento Vitae) I already had, & most of the songs were at least half written. A lot of what I had written was sounding quite downbeat, one way & another, songs about tiredness & despair, about feeling defeated, about turning away from a world that was just getting madder.

Testing POSSE Syndication - apologies for the annoyance...

This is what happens when I'm off work with a bust arm for 6 weeks, apparently. Visit indiewebcamp.com for more of what I'm on about.

Own your domain!

Broken - MK to blow out gigs for the foreseeable

Turns out I was wrong, I have a fractured elbow & need an op to sort it. Arse.

Breaking - MK to blow out gig...

Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to play the Golden Lion gig on the 21st august, as I took a tumble off my bike the other night. Nothing broken but my right arm is one big bruise. I think I'm correct in saying that this is the first time in twenty-mumble years that I've ever cancelled a gig.


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