archive - August 7th 2013CE: Why It's Been Quiet

"I have decided that one doesn't realise how seriously weird one's children are until one has looked at their web site."
(Email from my father, Jan 1997CE)

As 2012CE rolled around, the world may not have ended, but my trusty 10-year-old HP Laptop finally gave up the ghost, literally days after I'd finished the last album. Great as the laptop was, & as much work as I'd done on it, recording & otherwise, I'd started to find its soundcard's terrifyingly high noise floor increasingly problematic, & to wonder about finding a better way to record things. I'd become aware of these portable Digital Audio Recorders, & heard some stunning results from them. So when my Dad asked me what I'd like for Christmas, this was what I went for.

& then in 2013CE, on the Ides of March, my Dad, Jim Eggleston, passed away, aged 65. Hardest month of my life (so far).

archive - December 19th 2012CE: Recent Gigging Activity

The Occupy gig went well enough, although only doing three songs (Toxic Shockwave, Cyclops & Wastemuchwantmore) made it difficult to get really into anything. However, although you'd think that a gobby, politically minded band such as us would fit right in, our talent for stepping on toes seems to have been to the fore, & to look at the event's Facebook page, you'd think we were never there.

Archive - September 21st 2012CE: Occupy Event On Its Way

Suddenly we can't move for gigs. The threatened Occupy Event is go, friday October 5th at the Gregson in Lancaster, details here. We've been asked to play three songs, so are currently in intense in-band negotiations as to which three of our songs stick it to the man the *most*. We're due on 9ish (apparently), but the evening confidently promises "entertainment, Process and Mischief. Music, poetry, stories, magic, theatre, film". No, I'm not sure what "Process" means in that context, either.

Archive - September 6th 2012CE: Upcoming Live Gigs

Lax as we have been at playing gigs of late, I've been laxer still in terms of publicising anything. The picture here shows us playing at The Low Countries' HUSH#4 event, a very pleasant Songwriters' Circle type evening. It was good to dust off our instruments & play out for a change.

On the Etymology of C***, Political Correctness, My Own Bullshit, & Such Divers Matters

Originally published 2010CE, as an updated take on this, & something of a mea culpa.

I've starred out the offending letters in the title in order not to give greater offence. I have no particular wish to alienate anyone, but in order to discuss what I need to discuss I shall be using the word in question (& not just referring to it as "the word in question"). If you will be genuinely upset by this, then don't read the article. Otherwise, do.

a funny thing happened on the way to myspace

This was originally posted as a blog entry on myspace sometime in 2006CE - applies equally to facebook, really...

Well, here we all are at last. I've finally caved in. It's all over - I love Big Brother.

On Magic(k), Reality & Belief

Originally published back in 2005CE...

I Digress; or, A Riddle.

One day, some years ago, my sister sent me an email which was entirely written in capital letters. I forget what we were talking about, but I replied to her, pointing out gently that typing in caps is bad "netiquette" & is considered SHOUTING. Nothing serious, I just didn't know if she was aware of the convention.

In reply she expressed surprise that I'd pick up on this - "I always thought you were a non-conformist", she said.


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