a funny thing happened on the way to myspace

This was originally posted as a blog entry on myspace sometime in 2006CE - applies equally to facebook, really...

Well, here we all are at last. I've finally caved in. It's all over - I love Big Brother.

On Magic(k), Reality & Belief

Originally published back in 2005CE...

I Digress; or, A Riddle.

One day, some years ago, my sister sent me an email which was entirely written in capital letters. I forget what we were talking about, but I replied to her, pointing out gently that typing in caps is bad "netiquette" & is considered SHOUTING. Nothing serious, I just didn't know if she was aware of the convention.

In reply she expressed surprise that I'd pick up on this - "I always thought you were a non-conformist", she said.


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