lost symbol of the poverty pimps

The samples on this track were taken from a horrifying conversation I overheard one day. No idea who the participants were. But if I were you I wouldn't come forward...

Subject 1: Um... Erm...
Subject 2: [indecipherable]...two people. We don't have to go over there 'till half past one
1: I thought I'd go to the lunch & keynote address & then skip the workshops on top-down bottom-up change-management.
2: So how many...
1: I'd like you to take this concept, work out a way that I would work in your area. Bank Managers & Accountants perhaps? Actually, she'd be brilliant for this 'cos she did her PhD on, erm, Asian women running small businesses. I thought: you & me, the two Kevins - playing the, erm, ethnic minority card. We've got a couple - a couple of ethnic minority researchers.
2: Yes, yes, yes, very good! One male, one female...
1: ...yes, one... one black & one indian asian, so er...
2: She's the indian asian?<.p>

the voice is everywhere, we cannot help but hear
over all our shoulders, breathing hot upon our ears
voice of authority, the voice of reasoned fear
the voice of certainty
this fractured carousel, parade of bleak ambition
the pimps of poverty demand complete submission
so jack be quick & jack be nimble
I think we've found the long-lost symbol

Subject 1: You know, it's quite intriguing, isn't it?

it starts in primary school, the most important lesson
pour scorn on our dissent until all our objections
become a storm within a thimble
I think we've found the long-lost symbol
we dream equality, they give us tokenism
divide & conquer all, manufacture our divisions
so send a fax to David Trimble
I think we've found the long-lost symbol

they claim to serve us while ignoring our petitions
they see us as too stupid to make our own decisions
in their own lies they gyre & gimble
I think we've found the long-lost symbol
'cos I'm still hopeful in this corner we're defending
they wouldn't push us down unless we were ascending
we are the thing that makes them tremble
I think we've found the long-lost symbol