carcinodelica (melanomix)

The Original Carcinodelica from Scan Happen (It's About Time)

it's no use complaining to eros or cupid
selection will favour the fertile & stupid
they've sold us on sex as the ultimate crutch
& that's why we're all fucking so fucking much
a new pair of eyes now is raised to the sun
statistical nightmare that we have become
resources that dwindle with every new birth
the meek can inherit what's left of the earth

'cos cancer is capitalism made flesh
you will succumb just like all of the rest

so bow down & worship this priapic figure
the economy's strong & it's just getting bigger
there's poor to exploit & there's money to make
but no one says no to a slice of this cake
the greed we disown the ambitions we hide
but everyone here is along for the ride
I hope that the world has a sick sense of humour
'cos eternal expansion's the way of the tumour