(Batteries Not Invented)

MKCD008 2010CE

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Yes, after a false start of recording all these songs with electric instruments & sequencing, then deciding to go acoustic & having to start all over again; after recording drums & vocals in a room so damp one wall was sprouting mushrooms, not one of which was psychoactive; after spending months on mixing & remixing & mastering & remixing again; (& of course remastering again); & finally after getting so sick of the whole process that MK had to go & ride a bike for a year or so; finally it's done. Mirrorkill proudly presents our latest opus (Batteries Not Invented), now available to download in its entirety from this site, completely free.

The album is about addiction, denial & guilt (but, y'know, in a fun way), both personal & social, & about plotting a course through the (latest) end of the world. It combines Mirrorkill's characteristic lyrical onslaught, sense of humour, melodic sweep & rhythmic stomp with a new primitivism of form which seems appropriate to the times at hand.

We hope you enjoy it.