This song contains a word which is, to say the least, problematic. For an acknowledgement & further discussion of this, click here.

sitting on a station in a state of isolation
dry & disconnected & in need of inspiration
wishing I was minted, making do with munted
come on, let's go out & all get absolutely cunted

never been allergic to the compounds of lysergic
accidental inhalation of a substance that was surgic-
-all the same it's plain to see, now I'm really paying heed
by the radius of your pupils, you're bedruggled just like me

& it's one two three, line the whiskeys up for me
cure me with your cigarettes & lots of THC
give me all your pills & potions, one of everything I see
in the poison lies the magic as it ever more shall be

don't mind me, I'm just exploring what you spent your life ignoring
all the shadows & the shackles make us desperate & boring
escaping this consensus that protects us & prevents us
the arrogance of banning all the compounds heaven sent us

so drench me in denial, see me struggle to the shore
no matter if it's bad for me, I'll still be back for more
I know that there's a price to fill, I'll pay it when I get the bill
I'll continue with the medicine until it makes me ill