doktor mirrorkill's aetheric clinic

well I've been scrying my eyes out trying to fathom out the depths of this disease
battling the demons who beset us all around in times like these
ever so seductive & pathetic in their eagerness to please
but they only seek control & you cannot climb this mountain on your knees

so lay off all your futile fumbles, all around you thunder rumbles
giant turns & trips & tumbles - that's the way the ego crumbles

& so I sought the oracle at delphi, "musician heal thyself" she said
"& the only revolution that's significant will happen in your head
so lay off all your dreams of glory, no one needs another hero"
she was playing on my deepest fear, "okay", I say, "divide by zero"

so break your chains & dull restrictions, free yourself of all addictions
challenge all their jurisdictions, don't believe in works of fiction

unaware, uncomprehending, in your head a world is ending
I can see you getting paler, more scared of success than failure