pentacles, tentacles, wallet & watch

anyone wondering how it can be
that they feel they're in chains when they're supposed to be free
should take a good look at our leaders elected
'cos they're not on our side, they're corrupt & infected
take a rag to the glass, clear a patch in the grime
& peer through the windows of power & crime
see the high priest of Azathoth nursing a scotch
pentacles, tentacles, wallet & watch

they've found the controls, they can make you desire it
why build a weapon unless you can fire it?
blind & uncaring, their idiot gods
chewing depleted uranium rods
they're watching you now, right there where you're sitting
insufficiently freaked by the fear they're transmitting
so they turn the intensity up by a notch
yeah, pentacles, tentacles, wallet & watch

they've sold us all out to impersonal forces
their power derives from unspeakable sources
they're robbing us blind & they're showing no shame
& all that they do, they do in our name
their arrogance is our confusion refracted
we could take back control, but we're all too distracted
by the latest celebrity grabbing their crotch
crying "pentacles, tentacles, wallet & watch"