catch 23

hey, hipster! it's all too easy
don't you get suspicious?
how you find the time to walk the line
between eco & narcissus
cannot square the things you've said
with the fact that you're a petrol head
your convictions are defective
your attention's so selective

like you can't see the deforestation for the clearings
the diamond trade for all the earrings
the exploitation for the inexpensive
I can see why you're defensive
not being bothered is the key
& no one's worse at that than me
but I'm a part of all I see
& that's my own catch 23

& all those who claim to steer the ships
of politics & vision
cannot expect a better lot
than history's derision
'cos there's such corruption at the top
my cynicism can't keep up
but every time we hear their shit
we let them get away with it