rag & a rock

whining on the websites
in a disunited front
about the immigrants who've come to do
the jobs you wouldn't want
if we're going to have a clearout
to keep this country free
why don't all the anglo-saxons
piss off back to germany?

I owe no landmass loyalty
don't think you'll ever speak for me
it's time for all of this to stop
what is a country but a rag & a rock?

if the rabid & religious
can't share nicely when they play
then the only fair solution
is to take their toys away
as the madmen load their rifles
draw divisions in the sand
I suggest we clear the area
& nuke the holy land

in your convictions you are free
until you start affecting me
you're not our shepherd, we're not your flock
& what is a country but a rag & a rock?

with all your cold eugenic theories
you are a traitor to your species
in this mobius war that no one chooses
there's only one side - & it always loses