sump thing

the world turns, the future burns
you're obliterating everything you touch
your false pride, a poison tide
the death of everything we ever loved so much
bad seeds, the ocean bleeds
can't get rid of you, the proof just can't be found
but just a minute, without you in it
could be enough for us to turn this ship around

at the BP executives' infinite meeting
discussing their image & humanity's bleating
under the surface, the source of the scheming
in the sump of our hearts Cthulhu lies dreaming

holy rocks in posh frocks
fear & ignorance the oxygen you breathe
superstition, no admission
in spite of everything your followers believe
the old lies, tradition's ties
assume authority, before the world you stand
but each thrust betrays your trust
the death of innocence happens at your hands

the high priest of tooth decay, archbishop caries
has one how's-our-father, ten bloody maries
for a face in the darkness, a voice in the screaming
in the sump of our hearts Cthulhu lies dreaming