the man that things weren't meant to know

the social contract's being broken
promises were only spoken
power shared & shame divided
democracy has been derided
the game is lost, for now at least
we make our bed down with the beast
but we're all Hunters, fear & loathing
bigger wolves in cheaper clothing

create of us your nemeses
d'you think there'll be no price to pay?
the bread & circuses
won't last much longer anyway
so take it all away from me
make it painful, make it slow
I'll have no option but to be the man
that things weren't meant to know

so here we are, 6 billion faces
pretending like we know our places
as greed & envy sit enthroned
we throw the hounds of hell a bone
for our oppressors no forgiveness
nothing's fair in love & war & business
this coming age, it dawns so slowly
"hey ho" says Aleister Crowley