behold this darkened chamber
this workshop underground
Hephaestos swigs his coffee
drags that useless foot around
he saves you from disaster
each time you pile it on
the deity of thankless tasks
when all is lost, he'll solder on
& when all comes crashing down
your options have been thinned
all these technologies
by which your world is underpinned

behold his fearsome aspect!
he walks your hallowed halls!
the god of techies conquers all!

victim of cruel Aphrodite
he wears a cuckold's horns
the god of war was up her nightie
revenge takes many forms
he commandeered their webcam
took pictures while they dozed
he hacked their facebook profiles
their treachery exposed
so choose your battles well
this wisdom you deny
do not make war upon
the ones upon whom you rely