hacker serenade

saw you walking down the street
baby, you looked so 'leet
& I felt my clock chip miss a beat
like a CPU frying in the heat
& the key turns from minor into manic
my soul's in kernel panic
& I've entered the twilight zone
I know when I've been pwned

like all of the monsters under the sea
the beasts of ancient geek mythology
this information wants to be free
now my world's reconfigured with you at the core
dump all that you're doing & love me forevermore
walk with me in this world that we've made
hear my hacker serenade

outside the script kiddies starting to swarm
any port 23 in a storm
but I throw my firewall open wide
so baby step on inside
the matrix won't see us, we'll show up as glitches
let's not be packets that pass in the switches
don't care if you use emacs or vi
just as long as you hold me tonight