it's come time for the titans
to tighten their grip on your lives
they've got the weight of the world
on their shoulders & backs full of knives
but don't you ever forget they're the ones
that the piper must pay
& if you think you've been noticed
you'd better get out of the way

it takes a whole lot of poor
to make somebody rich, so grab your ankles
they're not breaking the law
they're just scratching an itch & that's why it rankles
you pay more for your money
than money can possibly buy
& at the end of it all
you're left wondering why

'cos hierarchy's always been
the function of this big machine
an ideology so clean
outsource the dirt, the sight unseen

Rupert the titan awaiting a date
for the start of his trial
the titian harpy beside him researching
an innocent smile
the whole dynasty teeters & tumbles
protecting the rest
guess you can't blame an old bird
as he feathers his nest

a scapegoat wasn't what we meant
when we declared the system bent
but you can't expect them to relent
when they write the laws they circumvent

2012, the olympians fall
in the bead of their sights
all their schemes & their plans
& they're bleeding the rest of us white
they've reached the top & discarded
the pile of the mountains they've climbed
Pelion, Ossa &
all of the others combined

another sinecure for them
another tide for us to stem
but they'll be the first ones to condemn
the strategies that worked for them

so cover over your head & adopt
this pathetic disguise
& sit with me while we wait
for the gods to materialise
they'll be just as insane
as the ones that they've come to retire
the only way to defeat them is [-indecipherable-]