medusa (or, sympathy for the gorgon)

your stony gaze the end of days
a victim of coincidence
the whisper of the restless sea
& all attendant consequence
the way you care but cannot share
appealing to some providence

passion is a paradox
a pure symbolic game to you
raging at the universe
for all the things it's put you through
you run your hand through serpents' tails
remember when your eyes were blue

the strongest woman of them all
& so they had you demonised
the young men come to look you up
& still you leave them petrified
feel it cutting deeper now
a pain your soul doth magnify

crying at your picture
in the films that flicker on tv
slain by men, again, again
a penny for your dignity
& no one's called you on the phone
for what must be eternity