The Apocalypse Needs you

MKCD014 2012CE

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A thousand years ago, give or take, the Mayans thought they'd forseen the end of the world at 9am on the 21st of December 2012. It turns out what they'd really forseen was the release of this album. Easy mistake to make - it has "Apocalypse" in the title.

Mirrorkill would quite like to apologise for any inconvenience.

Of particular note is the cover art - having decided what the album would be called, I floated the idea to Dan Rathbone that I wanted "a zombie Lord Kitchener" some while ago, then nagged him at irregular intervals over the intervening months. Last thursday I gave him a final nag; within two days not only had he supplied Zombie Kitchener (tm), he'd also knocked out Zombie Uncle Sam (tm) for the back cover, plus the Mayan calendar-themed psychedelic background that you see here. He's an amazing artist.

Things you might need to know: A Panopticon is a kind of prison, in which one guard can see all the prisoners at all times. An Axiom is a rule-of-thumb, or an underlying (& often unexamined) assumption.

Toxic Shockwave was originally released on the now-deleted Natural Freak album, & got missed off the Portrait... album - which is just as well, as it fits in perfectly here.

Rain It Down & Chocolate Horror Box both pre-date Mirrorkill & were originally performed with my previous band Agenda - in fact Chocolate Horror Box was co-written with that band's singer Jeff Ford.