hello to our audience
you parliament of nutters
& hello GCHQ
can you hear me, mother fuckers?
the tech's been turned against us
profiles plundered as we play
& it's not about the privacy
it's all about the power we gave away

track your social circles
subdivide the herd
no way to take back
those ill-considered words
non-exclusive license
on the contents of your thoughts
your personality
expressed in ones & noughts

all eyes are fixed on the screen
the archive of where we have been
& nobody's making a sound
as panopticon rises around

we've been promised elevation
with the urgency of now
but the tao that can be tweeted
ain't the true eternal tao
still, sharing it's so frictionless
like everything you say
& it's not about the principle
it's all about the power we gave away

do you relish the tyranny
of your twitter feed?
cue all your reactions
redefine your needs
famous for fifteen
people round the world
won't shake up the order
into which we've all been hurled