rain it down

you wear your high performance pout
you look so death-defying
the hairline cracks within your bones
you feel them multiplying
your vivid colour reproduction
of your fantasising
your bitter enemies
created by your patronising

your senses jaded to the point
where seconds last a lifetime
recalling everything
you're searching blindly for a guideline
you never trusted me
to make the most of indecision
when I'm the one who isn't
blinded by their inner vision

rain it down on me
take it out on me
scream & shout at me
but I will not play the victim for you

you never told me of
the troubles you'd been instigating
when all the pieces of your life
just started tesselating
the hesitations &
betrayals never meant a thing, no
the infidelity was
never more than sheltering, so...