toxic shockwave

our glorious leaders give us
what they think we want, never what we need
elevate the finer things
like money, work & greed
the white man in the greying suit
regards us with a frown
& says the only way to leave this hole
is digging further down

but all this world's not meant to be the same
this toxic shockwave spreading like a stain
& you're the only ones who stand to gain
so don't pretend you're acting in our name

you won your business human rights
but it doesn't lie awake at nights
to worry about the things it does
no reason needed, just because
the profit motive closing in
nowhere to run, no way to win
the world cannot provide me
with the things it makes me want
& you say my point of view's naive
excuse me, but it's you believes
in limitless expansion
& no consequence to pay
blinded 'cos you've closed your eyes
just enough to feign surprise
when you cannot ignore the cries
you threw it all away