the apocalypse needs you

your thoughts are not worth
my time in hearing
such is my faith in
christ's great appearing
I can't pay no mind to
all these disruptions
when I'm so invested
in mankind's destruction

I know we must play with
the hand that's dealt us, but
if hell's not coming
then heaven help us all

what if the world doesn't end
& we have to face this all again?
can't bear it never coming true
the apocalypse needs you
& we've known it from the start
this is the rock that breaks all hearts
something borrowed, green & blue
the apocalypse needs you

I've tried my hardest
as liberals bridled
to teach the children
to feel entitled
I've done my best to
use up resources
stoke up resentments
frighten the horses

consumer penitence
& as we plunder
this great inheritance
I can't help but wonder...