chocolate horror box

(Lyrics by MK & Jeff Ford)

life becomes a cage of panic
bound & gagged & labelled manic
no escape, a frozen frown
praying for a nervous breakdown
so you turn to me
wait expectantly to

hold the key with trembling hands
submit yourself to my demands
I'll put you in my little box
the world won't touch you there
& all the things you hide inside
are not what you expect to find
you won't be disappointed
but you'll still be horrified

so are you my plaything
or are you for real?
if I was to break you
do you think I'd make you feel?
sinking in with me
I'll hold you close to me

I lick the chocolate from my skin
& wonder why I let you in
don't call for god or count your sins
you'll never make it back to him
I'll never let you go
I love it when you struggle so