the grinning rictus of society
denying inevitability
in desperation & insanity
clinging on to the spoils of history
die of consumption to a plastic beat
just one more purchase & your life will be complete
it can't be long till we will be released
the dying echoes in the silence of the fleeced

there is no driver & there is no strategem
somebody's set all the controls to maximum
if you don't change it'll be your requiem
the axiom is there can be no axiom

so bring the lights up on another day
reiteration of the same old games we play
just pick a thing you wouldn't want to do
alienation & a servile attitude
the grand experiments are packed away
they keep us under with the dreams of yesterday
but we are waiting, time is on our side
sitting pretty in the cold formaldehyde

we thank the future that we cannot see
I thank the future that is right in front of me