(f)lagrant (a)narchist (q)uislings

GET OFF THY Fundament! & go out & do some thing less boring in its stead. Cease to pluck thy third eye-brow, O Prettiest One, you only ever pencil it back in afterwards I don't know why you bother I really don't.

Yea, for the mighty name of Mirrorkill reverberates within thy third ear - yet ye hear it not! Turn in, Tune up & Make Out - There! the alchymicall secret of rock'n'roll! of which are mind-forg'd manacles made these days, dig? But you can get personalised mind-forg'd manacles NOW, ones that really let you SHOW off your individuality.

"If you were trying to write a book, then we would be the page
'cos life is all a concert, & we're just trying to get backstage"

(Fragment from a song from the FUTURE, thereby proving my theories about TIME! Which I haven't even thought of yet!)

Q. So are Mirrorkill a band or is Mirrorkill a person or what?

A. Mirrorkill is a brand. A lifestyle. A Life's Toil. A dream... Something for the anarchist who has sold out & now has Ev'ry Thing, but secretly still understands that it is all illusory. Just one more brand in a positively biblical flood of brands, mind you. It has no purpose but to be. Sink or Swim. Do or die. Eat or be eaten. Kill or be kill'd. Survival of the fittest - we'll see, you bastards, we'll see. Listen to the Brand!

or perhaps... Mirrorkill are currently three people, but there is only ever One Mirrorkill.

Mirrorkill are Discordian. They are Delight-ful, & are generally Delighted to meet you. In fact They are positively Delirious. They are certainly Disillusioned but They have Discretion. They are Dave, Dan & Di. They are Diverse - They may Diversify (or They may Demur). They may be Dangerous. Are they Divine? Are they Demonic? Doubtful. Are they Doubtful? Decidedly.

or maybe... Mirrorkill really enjoy making this noise, & some people really like to listen to it. & maybe more would if they had the chance.

Know, I now no.

Unmade the universe again last night. Kept a vigil of death. The paper trail leads to where words fail, moved to tears by a nameless emotion - something like recognition. Shaving was a baptism of sorts, seeing a moth on the bathroom curtain. Tarot, bath, walk. RECONSTRUCT reality from the blueprints, with just these MINOR alterations... just sign here. The world reborn, new & STRANGE. How do you like your new WORLD? Did you notice the transition?

No, I know now. So Now WHAT?

Have you ever had a dream, where you were in the walls of a house, looking into its rooms? Bet you do soon. What do you think it will mean?

(We are) Mutant Industrial Jazz-Punk Monkeys. We are Natural Freaks. We are Corporate Rock Courtesans. We will succeed where others have failed, because we comprehend what they do not; that there is no such thing as a "piece of music". Music is not an object to be pointed at & packaged.

Q. Is the music on a CD "real" in any meaningful sense?

You cannot touch the music. Can you? When the music "is" not playing, where "is" it? How could the physical world possibly be affected by its sound waves standing magnificent & proud in n-dimensional eternity? Would it only ever need to be played out loud once & would anyone need to hear it? Discuss, using diagrams where appropriate. You may write on another CD cover if necessary. But - make it a cool one, 'kay? (23.33% of final mark).

& "Lo," spake Mirrorkill, "all this have I wrought, for it was a good laugh". & the wee men living in his laptop did rejoice as they saw that it was, indeed, a good laugh - although they wished he'd explain things a bit better at times.

Now get on with your life. Nothing to see/hear.

Rejoicing in Joycean joy, seein' as I can -