knee deep in shit

the white collar's constricting
it's every manager for themselves
& it's a 21st century workhouse, baby
the unemployed stacking the shelves
& it all looks fine for the bottom line
with slavery increasing the hoard
as everything serves as a cruel reminder
of what we can't afford

oh, the choices you face
when you're poor & you live by your wit -
if you're knee deep in shit...

the ship of state is so rusted
it's rotten from the stern to the prow
& no one in power can be trusted, baby
you really ought to know that by now
& the only thing that trickles down
smells funny when it lands on your head -
you can't blame a starving person
for anything they do to get fed

well they've fitted the bridle
it seems they've forgotten the bit -
if you're knee deep in shit...

turn your back on the world
though it feels like desertion
for the ones who get rich
do so without exertion
they lay claim to resources
it's a baseless assertion
just a network of thieves
with the means of coercion

we're all knee deep in shit
we're so knee deep in shit...