I like second thoughts
there's an honesty to them
when your plans are all perfected
& there's no one to condemn
nasty little rash decisions
& a rising tide to stem

so it's time to test my theory
while these cylinders are firing
I'm so sick of post-modernity
& all that it's requiring
I'll let you make my excuses
I'm not shy, I'm just retiring

so shut me up, shut me in
'cos I'm ready to begin
I'll never lose, I'll never win
I don't think I will miss a thing
'cos it's all so full of sorrow
& it's all so full of pain
so just leave me in this cavity
& brick me up again

the internet's so angry
with itself, for its existence
when the truth is it's still lying
on the path of least resistance
it can only run on bullshit
that's of just the right consistency

my obsessions so unhealthy
I distrust my own enjoyment
through these days & nights of misery
the horrors of employment
& that's why I'm sympathising
with the flies & not the ointment