I am a metaphor
you are like a simile
make sense of this confusion
you don't know what you mean to me
'cos the words upon my tongue
beat anything I've tasted
lying here enjoying
being eloquently wasted

damned if it is not the case
that you can take me to a place
where happiness & pain are blended
you make isolation splendid

what am I missing out on?
what am I missing out?
what am I missing?
what am I?
missing out on
missing out

well happiness beats misery
but misery beats change
so there's no more evolution
I'm too sick & I'm too strange
& I dream while I'm awake
so it's just a blank at night
& I'm trying not to wonder
what's occurring out of sight

'cos when the working day is through
I know that I can look to you
to sow the seeds of my inaction
can't get no dissatisfaction