the great white mope

nanny state & immigration
debt adjusted for inflation
working class forget their station
you don't need the aggravation
the flicker of a dodgy street light
bins collected once a fortnight
the feminists have gone too far
it costs so much to run your car
there's cyclists jumping lights at junctions
shiny gadgets fail to function
neighbour starts a nasty rumour
no one likes your racist humour
what with all this it's a wonder
you can ever sleep at night
as little starving orphan children
shed a tear & wonder at your plight

seems like nothing makes you happy any more
you're so decadent & rotten to the core
middle england letting loose a roar
as this mope that springs eternal starts to pour

browsing on your un-PC
you spill your bile for all to see
on the BBC you live to hate
a bonus on a golden plate
for executives who take a chance
pretending like the rich can dance
as fading celebrities stagger to parties
while you stand in judgement like Pontius Pilates

misery has made you such a bore
yeah, nothing makes you happy any more