hell to raise

capitalism's gone, its zombie lurches on
& those responsible are free
but immigrants are there, so tempting just to swear
that they've destroyed prosperity
so do you take the bait, base all your life on hate?
don't get what's in all this for you
'cos if they have their way, it's you that they'll betray
divide & conquer's what they do

what would it take to make you see?
you're fighting for your enemy
when everyone must pick a side
we're being taken for a ride
I only hope I live to see
the fractures, hate & enmity
evaporating in the haze
'cos heaven knows, there's hell to raise

that nose you can't replace, cut off to spite your face
you play the shaming of the true
'cos into every life, fate sticks a bloody knife
there'll come a time it falls on you
any minute now, it doesn't matter how
we live our lives upon their stall
& they won't make a stand, ain't going to hold your hand
no one's going to catch you when you fall