Archive - September 6th 2012CE: Upcoming Live Gigs

Lax as we have been at playing gigs of late, I've been laxer still in terms of publicising anything. The picture here shows us playing at The Low Countries' HUSH#4 event, a very pleasant Songwriters' Circle type evening. It was good to dust off our instruments & play out for a change.

What's more, as is often the way of these things, one thing has lead to another, & we've got another gig coming up this weekend, the Dock Of The Bay festival at Glasson Dock, saturday the 8th of September; & then on November the 24th there's this All Dayer at Lancaster's Park Hotel as arranged by the lovely people at ECP Promotions.

There's also supposed to be something happening for Occupy Lancaster in October, more details as available...