upcoming gig - three mariners, lancaster, 19th june 2014ce

We were booked to play at Lancaster's Golden Lion pub on thursday june the 19th, until the landlord spotted that England had a world cup match on that night, & decided that he'd get a bigger crowd showing that on the telly. Gig cancelled. As MK would rather lick piss off a nettle than watch football, he was less than impressed.

But now the esteemed Dominic Leighton has offered us a night at The Three Mariners (also in Lancaster) - a semi-subterranean public house/set of tunnels at the foot of the castle, rumoured to be the least safe pub in England owing to its paucity of fire exits. Same time, same bat-channel, same set list, I would imagine... more details as they become apparent.

[Edit 14-6-14CE] - mea culpa, I was getting confused, I've just described the Merchants' in Lancaster, which is the horrendously unsafe one. We really are playing at the Three Mariners', but it's at the end of St George's Quay, oldest pub in Lancaster. What makes this worse is that I included this edit last week, then at some point borked the server, had to restore from backup & lost the edit. Then had to be told to put the edit back. *Hangs head in shame*.