venom groove

I might not be so pure, but you know I'm driven
I scaled the walls to go scrumping in the garden of Eden
I gorged on everything, consumed to excess
such sights I've never seen & can never express
couldn't rise to those demands, came back with empty hands
now the life I just ignored is such a mess

glad that you came, I knew that you would
seems like a shame, I wish that we could
just start out again, feel what we should
it's never the same, never as good

for all the things they claim to feel
at least a guilty pleasure's real
but something changed, I don't know how
regret descends so quickly now

once I was drunk as a lord & stoned as a heretic
now I'm just scratching around for a buzz that'll ever stick
locked in this venom groove since I don't know when
only goes in one direction, & what then?
everything that starts will finish, all returns diminish
a joke I'll never get or comprehend