unknown quantity

Originally taken from the album Natural Freak, 2003CE

I have not come here bearing mirrors
rather paper, stone & scissors
smash the glass upon the floor
to see yourself you'll have to crawl
the things you see there might not please you
at least they'll never up & leave you -
that's because they're all too true
& better still, they're part of you

I never had a hold on you
& you never had a hold on me

identify yourself to me!

identify yourself to me, you unknown quantity
you stop to think & you stop to feel
but you never stop the wheel from turning

always one for taking chances
crossed some lines to find some answers
all I got were better questions
now accepting all suggestions
we all profane these sacred spaces
should be wearing awe on all our faces -
but who cares in any case
when life just comes up aces?

identify yourself with me...