Wealth & Hellness

MKCD016 2016CE

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File under Post-Industrial Digi-Fauxlk.


During an enforced hiatus (in the aftermath of breaking one arm & dislocating the other, requiring surgery & metalwork; then six weeks in bed, then some excruciating physiotherapy) it occurred to me that a rethink of our modus operandi might be interesting. Memento Mori had been an experiment in production, jettisoning the ascetic, acoustic-only sound we'd been using for a good few years, & instead layering on the overdubs, electric guitars, keyboards & even a real drum kit - but we hadn't actually changed the instruments we were using, so our live sound didn't reflect what was on that album.

So... I bought stuff. If you're interested, you can read more about Mirrorkill's Outer Discordian Recordian Bureau of the Perpetually Confused. But, long story short - New Sound. We're now using a Drum Machine again (welcome aboard, Dieter!) along with an Outboard Synth (Waldorf! Looking good...), & the 12-String's going through some effects. This may not be a permanent change - but it's a fun one.

So, I wrote it in 2014; finished recording in 2016; & then sat on it for a further two years. *shrug*.


The album itself is an ongoing reaction to the horrors of Britain's current socio-political trajectory; the Apotheosis of the Hipster; the distressing idiocy of the Men's Rights movement, & the small but significant nightmare of clobbering both arms at the same time.

NB: I didn't invent Accelerationism.

As ever, we hope you enjoy it.