the obscuranti

everyone's instinctively attracted to the light
but if it weren't for darkness, how d'you think you'd sleep at night?
peddling illumination leads you to despair
'cos there's just so much enlightenment that anyone can bear

so welcome to the obscuranti
human/cosmic vigilante
saddle up on Rocinante
Satan paging Mister Dante

a nihilistic task force waiting for the bell to ring
we are always watching, though we cannot see a thing
your feet will end up in the clouds, your brain upon the ground
such contortions as you try to get your head around

the teachings of the obscuranti
best of luck, à votre santé
raise your game & up your ante
all hands on deck, I'll see your shanty

the victims of the obscuranti
an afterlife spent in flagrante
details, like their clothes, are scanty
washed down with a nice chianti