another day, a fresh defeat that leaves us feeling haunted
how would it be if those in charge got everything they wanted?
'cos no one wants to rise & fight - I guess we're all just too invested
but there's a perfect strategy, I'll tell you if you're interested

frack the land & burn the sky
let's never stop to wonder why
the only way out of this prison

try our online calculator, re-evaluate the breadlines
find some brand new way to panic, watch it go straight to our headlines
cut out the middle man, just make rupert murdoch leader
the public has its appetites, & he's such a willing feeder

tradition's fine to pass the time
until your reason needs a rhyme
so force the crowbar in that schism

listen to the rich among us tell us where the onus is
bankers are like rabid dogs, burying their bonuses
left & right wings in a flap, but here we sit no sign of take-off
'scuse me while I take a nap - I'm only missing British Bake-Off

so push on through & raise a toast
like chickens coming home to roast
we must embrace the cataclysm