Originally taken from the album Natural Freak, 2003CE

does anyone feel guilty? 'cos anyone can stop
anyone can play the game & make believe they're not
& anyone can do the things that get you to the top
but anyone can knock you down
anything might save you but nothing's what you find
the ageing flirts in ties & shirts will always rob you blind
& their post-millenial tension is the hallmark of our times
you're seeing what you want to see

here come the half alive, broken by the 9 to 5
here come the half alive, all used up & cast aside

pacified by culture then poisoned in your dreams
your great mistake is just to take the world the way it seems
we're a people made of porcelain, a nation of latrines
& they're pissing all our hope away
so don't believe in fortune, don't believe in fate
don't believe in fat machines that try to speak your weight
don't believe in anything that's offered on a plate
& don't believe a word I say - i-ching, sugar!