try not to think

lords & ladies unelected
private members uninspected
the public purse is open wide
it's time to push their snouts inside
know your place & know the time
exactly where to draw the line
an old world hoving into view
beyond the wreckage of the new

looking down from higher places
never know which of their faces
is the one that turns towards you
or what advantage that affords you
careful not to cause a scare
each time you consider their
devotion to these blessed isles
try not to think of paedophiles

it's hard to stand out when the crowd
recites allegiances aloud
(so go ahead & pull the plug
'cos I have no forelock left to tug...)
but the commoners, with coughs & limps
are happy just to catch a glimpse
of our monarchy with grudging smiles
try not to think shape-shifting reptiles

this goes on & on & on...