37) The Three Mariners, Lancaster, 10th october 2015ce

A year after being forced to blow out the festival, owing to an 'orrible injury. A year of discomfort & physiotherapy. A year of taking stock, rethinking, & buying new bits. A year of programming a drum machine in lunch breaks at work. All came to fruition yesterday at The Three Mariners.

Having spent five years or so as resolutely acoustic act, we've had a rethink & are now using a drum machine again. I'm putting the guitar through some pedals, Dan's doing the same with the bass, & we've got a magic vocal processing box which takes a whole lot of heartache out of proceedings (you can read more about the new rig here).

Although I had high hopes for the drum machine's built-in synth, this proved far harder to do anything useful with in the field - it basically just drowned out the bass, so I switched it off after the second song.

Although both my arms were in working order, I'd spent the previous two days leaking snot from every pore in the grip of Fresher's Flu (perils of working at a University), so wasn't expecting much out of my voice. I actually did better than I thought I might, though I was still audibly straining at some points...

But. We had a much larger crowd than we'd expected. A much wider age-range than we're used to. People danced & sang along - all in all a cracking afternoon.

& of course then we were completely blindsided by actually getting paid...

Big thanks to Dom for putting us on, & helping us get plugged in. Big thanks too to the audience.

The set list was:

Trans-Albionic Existential Boogie
Silicon Gypsy
I Of The Storm
I Keep Thinking It's Wednesday
Skeleton Times

All photos courtesy Graham Coulton.