38) Collegian Working Men's Club, Lancaster, 27th November 2015ce

Our friends Quisling Meet, with whom we have played before, have apparently had their eye on Gage Street's Collegian Working Men's Club as a venue for a while; a large function room, free to hire (deposit required) with a cheap bar, what more could a band want? They suggested that we try the space on for size. So we both did.

A small misunderstanding as to the capabilities of the Quislings' PA meant that we were actually a lead down; which meant that as we couldn't mic up Di's drum, we had to keep the volume down a bit in order that it'd be audible. All was going well, with Waldorf the synth performing admirably-but-not-overwhelmingly, & Dieter the drum machine on top form. Unfortunately, a few songs in, the 12-string broke a string (a G string, obviously - guitars have a very puerile sense of humour); a 12-string being an instrument with a whole lotta tension going on, its behaviour became a little erratic, requiring frequent retunings between songs, but nothing we couldn't handle.

It seemed to settle down a bit by the end of the set in time for a frankly storming version (if we say so ourselves) of Axiom, a motorik-inspired number that particularly benefits from our new, more muscular sound.

Although it may look from the photos that we were playing to an empty room, there was actually an audience of perhaps a dozen souls who managed to sound like a cast of... well, several dozen anyway. & we had 'em up & dancing by the end. Many thanks to all who attended.


The Quislings were very fine as ever, their drumless free-jazz/shoegaze noise rock has a special place in our hearts.


Our Set List was:

Trans-Albionic Existential Boogie
(No Such Thing As) Politics No More
Silicon Gypsy
I Of The Storm
Joy Of Hex
I Keep Thinking It's Wednesday
Skeleton Times

(Photos courtesy of, variously, Richard Quisling & Jeff Ford).