Storm Desmond/Site outage/Still here

One of the disadvantages to self-hosting your server is that, in the event of a natural disaster, everything stops. This last weekend, the Northwest of England was his by Storm Desmond, which dumped an apparently-record-breaking amount of water on us all (bear in mind that we're no strangers to large amounts of water).

Thankfully, Mirrorkill's Outer Discordian Church of the Perpetually Confused remained dry, in spite of being on a marsh; large amounts of Lancaster, however, were not so lucky - including the city's main electrical substation, which went off altogether about 10:30pm on saturday just gone. So, we were without power until about 9 o'clock this morning. The power we have now is being supplied by a number of emergency generators, so we may or may not stay up.

But it was great to see the people of Lancaster taking it all in their stride. Massive shout out to all those at Bay Radio, who essentially talked non-stop for 12 hours yesterday, broadcasting information & helping people out, in spite of the fact that their recently-refurbished studios on St George's Quay had flooded too.

& our thoughts are with those communities in Cumbria devastated by this weekend.