39) Kibosh Kabarett, The Park Hotel, Lancaster, 30th april 2016ce

We may have failed to promote this event very assiduously (posted on Facebook, but not on the site), but it ended up being very well attended. This was the second Kibosh Kabarett, an event which bills itself as "art, satire, dissent", thereby suiting us down to the ground. As we were the first act on, & only doing three songs, we were fairly convinced that we'd be playing to two anarchists & a dog - but by the time we started playing the room had filled with perhaps fifty souls (none of whom were dogs, better luck next time).

The set list:

Power Down

...went over very well to an appreciative audience, & left *us* wanting more, let alone them. While a short set can sometimes be frustrating ("come on, we're just getting going!") we appreciate the logistical nightmare that these things can become. & it was an interesting outing, as we'd decided to forego the drum machine, but use effects pedals. Worked out well.

The rest of the acts were splendid, in particular an oddly haunting & beautiful solo spot by a man with an harmonica (whose name eludes me, will edit once I find out). Poetry, improv comedy, drumming, & a singalong to the most inspired Powerpoint Presentation we've ever seen rounded off a splendid evening. Props to the organisers for having the genius idea of covering all of the tables with paper & leaving pens lying around, Dan R & Di O' spent much of the evening decorating the one at our table...

(Photo Courtesy of Mick Meaney).