Brexit/Monopoly Metaphor Alert

Not that I often make blog posts. But if you're going to write about anything at all, then an event as big as this surely deserves attention.

Permit me a metaphor.

Imagine, if you will, that Free Market Capitalism, the system we use to run the world, is an enormous game of Monopoly.

Everyone has to play, no option. You throw your dice, you move your piece. If you land on a square owned by anyone else, you have to pay them rent. You think that if you play for long enough, maybe you'll be able to buy up a free square for yourself, then other people might have to pay you rent. But it never seems to happen.

Some of us hate Monopoly. Some of us think that it's a cruel, vindictive sort of a game, which teaches moral bankruptcy. Some of us find it boring (I remember starting many games of Monopoly as a child - I don't remember finishing any of them). Some of us are over in the corner, trying to get a game of Snakes & Ladders going instead. But because everyone else is playing Monopoly, we have to maintain a hand in that game too, whether we like it or not.

I hate Free Market Capitalism, with a passion. & there's no doubt that the European Union is a part & parcel of that game. I'd love nothing better than to see the whole board folded up & put away. Perhaps that what Leave voters - especially notionally left-leaning/anti-capitalist Leave voters - think they've done.

But it isn't. What they've done instead, is stand up on the board, drop their trousers, loose their bowels, & deliver a vast "dirty protest" on the board.

The problem is, that the game is still in play.

It's just that now everything's covered in shit.