42) Kibosh Kabarett, The Gregson, Lancaster, 3rd june 2017ce

A quick write-up with no photos - after our last outing at the Kibosh, where the sound was a little muddy, I'd decided that the next time I'd play it alone, for simplicity's sake. & the next time turned out to be this Pre-Election Special. The ongoing wall-to-wall ad-nauseam media coverage of the election may explain why the audience was a little sparser than usual, as well as the fact that there'd been an event the previous night in Morecambe.

Regardless, I took to the stage armed with my new Fishman Mini guitar amp - which performed admirably - & my wooden stompy box, which unfortunately moved forward about a millimetre every time I tapped my foot. Inevitably it fell off the edge of the stage. So much for the non-slip bottom.

But the crowd was friendly & appreciative, & the night was as imaginative & creative as ever.

I played:

Knee Deep In Shit
Great White Mope
Rag & A Rock
Trans-Albionic Existential Boogie