the ballad of sanity rothschild, part one

Originally taken from the album Natural Freak, 2003CE

sanity walks tall & proud
through the madding of the crowd
lights another cigarette
& takes the dirty looks she gets
she liked them when she wasn't hooked
but now they're just another mask
she could read you like a book
but no one ever stops to ask

all her dresses have been torn
been on the run since she was born
from those who didn't want her there
with better ways to pass their time
underneath a rusting bridge
she gave herself without a kiss
he knocked too hard & came inside
said he wouldn't, but he lied

sanity is bruised & bleeding
picks herself up off the ceiling
sanity is pleading...

though the sun is rising now
the night falls over her somehow
& she cannot close her eyes
the world before her as she flies
she can see in every heart
the things we hide there in the dark
& you will never know her pain
despite the interest that you feign