the ballad of sanity rothschild, part two

Originally taken from the album Natural Freak, 2003CE

the river pulses poison
to a thousand broken hearts
& the wind is laced with hurricanes
that's always how it starts
the rain beats on the iron roof
the water turns to rust
as mothers tell their little girls
"in sanity we trust"

so hush now darling, don't you cry
& sanity might pass you by
sing yourself a lullaby
& never open up your eyes
cross your fingers, count to ten
but when you look she's there again
sanity is tall & proud
she's stepping on your shadow now

the swollen moon is heavy
as it limps across the land
& sanity walks unadorned
with flowers in her hand
she's become the bitter pill
that no one wants to take
& the rain drowns out the weeping
as her storm begins to break

the dogs have stopped their howling
& the lamplight gutters low
you place your faith in pallid things
that never want to know
the bolts are in the shutters
& the key is in the door
but you never saw the shadow
as it reached across the floor
in the flicker of a nightmare
she can find her way inside
& her dusty colours fill you
& there's nowhere you can hide
but she's always pleased to see you
& she always knows your name
& the pain is like a candle, yes
& sanity's the flame