urban spiritual

Originally taken from the album Natural Freak, 2003CE

well the streets look very different
when I see them in my head
through the rushing of the people
comes the whisper of the dead
in the eyes of all the buildings
in the skeletons of stone
all the gods & their familiars
I am never all alone

& I'm peeling back the corners of the rain
to slip away again

I've been writing on the wind
but it rushes through my hand
& the words upon the water
all get washed up on the sand
our hidden urban dreamers
spray their visions on our walls
but they never even realise
it means anything at all

all I have to say is everything
but the words just won't be found
you're just ripples in the street
I'm an island in the crowd
& the spirits are within me
& they're burning like a flame
there's a subtext to the subway
& it's calling out my name